Participation rules

Please read the current system Rules, and be sure to re-visit them regularly in the future.

General Provisions

- It is mandatory for all users to agree with the current Rules in order to participate in Teaser.Cash as a web-master or advertiser.

- In the case where the current Rules are found to be violated, the platform administration reserves the rights to block the user’s account and their balance.

- If the administration discovers that the violator of the rules has registered multiple accounts, the administration reserves the right to block the new account, as well as the user’s balance.

Participation Rules for WebMasters

- Websites with no statistics will not be accepted. An external traffic counter (Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, LiveInternet) must be present.

- Throughout the entire cooperation period, Teaser.Cash administration must have constant access to the user’s statistics. No payments will be made in the absence of access to these statistics.

- The participant’s website traffic must consist of a minimum of 300 unique visitors over the past 30 days.

- At least 60% of the conversions must originate from search engines.

- Teaser design must be set up in a way that visitors can easily read it.

- Although doorways are allowed, each of these websites must have separate statistic counters installed.

- Websites containing the following are not permitted for participation in Teaser.Cash:

a) propaganda of violence, racial or any other discrimination, or propaganda against an individual, group or organisation;

b) calls for extremist actions, sparking of social, racial, national or religious strife, propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols, or any other information, the distribution of which is prohibited;

c) any content breaching copyright;

d) websites with viruses, malicious programs, blocked by Kaspersky or marked as untrusted by Google and Firefox;

e) single-page websites – the website must be filled with content;

f) adult websites or websites with any such content;

g) websites about traffic cheats, active advertisement systems, hacking and other resources on this topic.

- All cheating means of conversions, automatic or manual, surfing services, touting visitors to click on advertisements and so on are strictly forbidden. The administration reserves the right to withhold payments to webmasters suspected in cheating until full access to statistics is provided, especially search engine traffic statistics.

- Non-standard placement of the advertisement block (inside pop-ups, click-unders, video-players etc.) without prior agreement with the website administration. Otherwise, the administration reserves the right to withhold pay-outs.

Financial relationship:

- Pay-outs to web-masters take place on a daily basis (except holidays) if ordered before 8 a.m. and only onto R and Z Webmoney wallets;

- Minimum pay-out amount – 100 wmr.

The administration reserves the right to reject a website without explanation.

Upon the detection of any sort of cheating for the accumulation of traffic or conversion, script modifications , artificial or coerced conversions, interactions with systems of active advertisement or visit4visit, placing the system code on hacked or contentless websites, the user account will be blocked forever without warning. At the same time, the user balance will be frozen, even if it was brought it through normal, permitted sources. No appeals accepted!

A sufficiently detailed statistics counter must be present on the website (traffic sources, search queries etc.). Upon the request of traffic details, the partner must provide full access to the detailed external statistics platform, such as LiveInternet or Google Analytics. In the absence of an adequate response within 3 days, the account and its balance will be blocked.

If there are significant differences in the number of conversions supplied by the partner and the average system data, the cost of such conversions may be reduced. Conversions tending towards zero is viewed as a violation of the Rules under the “cheating” article by the system and will result in corresponding sanctions.

If the traffic quality is very low and brings no income, we reserve the right to cease cooperation and refund the advertiser’s funds or reduce the buyout cost.

In the case of a prior notification (3 days), cooperation with any partner can be unilaterally ceased or the rates at which the system buys out traffic can be changed.

Participation Rules for Advertisers:

- The advertisement content must correspond to the content of the page to which the advertisement links.

- It is prohibited to add more than one absolutely identical advertisement to the system.

- We do NOT accept advertisements with photographs of diseases, images of people (or parts of people) with extremely excess weight, advertisements containing images with expressive erotic content, images from horror films and so on.

- The use of unnecessary capital letters in the advertisement text or title is forbidden.

Financial relationship:

- The advertiser makes 100% pre-payment for the services provided;

- Minimum top-up amount = 300 wmr.

- The use of more than one (1) account is prohibited. If it is discovered that one (1) user has two (2) or more accounts, the advertisement network administration reserves the right to block them without a refund.

- The use of redirection links is forbidden. The only exception is links to well-known partner programs.

- It is forbidden to use subscription and wap-click campaigns.

- It is forbidden to use campaigns that lead to pages containing blocks from other advertisement networks, or pages that are overloaded with third-party advertisements.

- It is forbidden to alter transit or landing pages without their prior provision for moderation.

Final terms and conditions:

Teaser.Cash administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time without prior agreement with Partners. Partners are responsible to keep up with changes to these Rules and adhere to them.

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